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Forum Rules
« : Kesäkuu 23, 2019, 21:39:22 »
Hello and welcome to SeksiSaitti! Please read these forum rules before engaging in conversation:

1.   Mind your manners and be nice to others. It’s fun to banter but bullying and hate speech is strictly prohibited. If you see someone violating these rules, please don’t hesitate in contacting moderators.
2.   It’s forbidden to publish your own contact information, ask another person’s contact information or to ask someone to send you a private message. The use of an anonymous email and alias is recommended.
3.   The use of fake pictures or pictures with watermarks is prohibited.
4.   Private conversations ought to stay private.
5.   It’s allowed to talk about sex work, selling and buying sex. Nonetheless, it is strictly forbidden to advertise selling sex. Please do not hesitate in contacting moderation when in doubt. Here are some examples what is allowed and what is not allowed to post:
                             -   When you use forum’s calendar, you can tell your location, but it’s forbidden to list services, e.g. incall or gangbang.
                             -   In your signature you may post your location, but it’s forbidden to list services, e.g. incall or gangbang.
                             -   While working with a colleague you may post only your names and location in your signature and in forum’s calendar.
                             -   Do not link your sex selling ads, social media accounts or web sites to this forum.
                             -   To ask or to offer apartments or other accommodations for rent is prohibited.
6.   Do not link sex selling ads from Finnish web sites to this forum.
7.   It's allowed to write escort reviews. While posting written recommendation of sex worker’s services, one must use great consideration to be sure the review doesn’t include any private information that might put the sex worker in jeopardy, e.g. detailed location. A sex worker has a right to ask a review written about them to be removed by moderation.
8.   Any sexual related conversation considering children or animals is forbidden. It's strictly prohibited to post pictures of anyone under the age of 18 to this forum.
9. When referring to an article please copy a link to the original source. Links without preface will be removed.
10. Don’t post multible subsequent messages into the same thread.
11. Spamming the same post to multiple threads is not allowed.

Ares, Mummo, Shark and VanDamme are the moderators of this forum. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate in contacting them.
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