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Sex work study at Åbo Akademi University
« : Maaliskuu 02, 2022, 19:01:34 »
We are from the psychology department at Åbo Akademi University and we are conducting a master's thesis study investigating sex workers' quality of life, sex work agency and sex work stigma. There are many different ideas about sex workers in society, while only a few studies have been conducted in Finland. Therefore, it is essential to scientifically study the group to provide a picture that reflects reality.

We have published an online questionnaire and we hope to reach as many participants as possible. This has been a challenge so far, which is why we are using social media platforms and different forums to reach out to you and other sex workers. We found you through: https://www.cityoflove.com/. We invite you to take part in our study, and if possible feel free to share information about our study.

We have developed this text to share the link to the survey (if you want to share it):

Hi, are you currently providing sexual services?

Sexual services can include both media-based services (e.g., OnlyFans and webcamming) and in-person services (e.g., escort services and stripping). We kindly invite you to participate in a scientific study which investigates sex workers’ quality of life. After completing the survey, you will be given the opportunity to participate in a lottery of three gift cards worth 50€.

To take part in the study, we require that you:
1) are at least 18 years old, and
2) have been providing sexual services for at least the past six months in Finland.

The study is carried out at the Department of Psychology at Åbo Akademi University in Turku, Finland.
The survey will be available until 6.3.2022. Link to the survey: https://abo.surveyanalytics.com/t/AJArKZOqig
Thank you!

Best regards, Mimmi Uusitalo and Petra Pölönen

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Vs: Sex work study at Åbo Akademi University
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Vs: Sex work study at Åbo Akademi University
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Kaikki kiinnostuneet voivat myös kysyä tästä osoitteessa mailto:fhpt-studieradgivare@abo.fi

Voinko olla väärässä?

” Thank you for participating!

Master’s thesis writers Petra Pölönen and Mimmi Uusitalo (petra.polonen@abo.fi) (mimmi.uusitalo@abo.fi)
Post-doctoral researcher Annika Gunst (annika.gunst@abo.fi)
Associate Professor Jan Antfolk (jan.antfolk@abo.fi)”

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