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Not really a fetish, but an amazing experience
« : Tammikuu 26, 2024, 14:49:51 »
Long but true story, does anyone offer a similar service? 

This was my first experience ever with a pleasure queen, sex worker, erotic massage, escort etc.
Probably coming up to 11 years now.  I was separated from the wife at the time and living in Buenos Aires.  I was tired of porn for masturbation material and quite lonely and at 35 pretty horny.  So I decided to check out the ‘erotic massage’ ads.  In Argentina, it’s 1000s of ads so I only looked at what appeared to be independent, mature providers.  I’m a boobs guy, so my choice went based on that image and services offered, and we made a plan with a visit in a few hours.  Quick description about me,  I am only 168cm and my package is proportionate to my height, eg not so big, but what I lack in size I have always made up for in focusing first on my partner, and hence the name I was given in university of muffinboy (referring to muff-diving, or cunnilingis, because I love providing pleasure through eating pussy)-
The masseuse was an above average-looking lady, I learned she was 44 yrs old after we chatted, nice proportions (not thin, but not over-weight either, plus I like rounder women) and eventually I saw amazing natural huge breasts (maybe F cups or G) that were very sensitive but in a good way.  Her massage was spectacular, super strong hands, proper sports massage, getting into the muscles and joints.  It was on a proper massage table (the one that has a hole for your face).  We hadn’t discussed anything yet at the time about extras and I was just expecting a handjob.  She did this amazing ‘accidental’ rub of the anus and scrotum area that I didn’t even know could be effective that time and that would come back later. 
When the massage was finished she stood me up and we just sat on a bed close by, and just started talking.  The massage took about 45 minutes so I thought we had around 15 minutes to go.  But instead of discussing what’s next we just started talking about general things and eventually her life – abusive ex husband, father died when she was young, mother’s brother tried to molest her, and two kids that she is taking care of, among other things.  But she was so positive and grateful for being a survivor and entrepreneur.  This went on for about 30 minutes, with both of us just sitting there half-naked.  I could not even bring myself to change the subject because it felt like she needed to chat and I felt compelled to listen.  Then out of the blue she finally says ‘you have been an incredible and patient listener’ and just started making out with me.  It was like amazing GFE and I eventually pleasured her with my mouth with I think 2 or 3 orgasms, I don’t remember but I do remember she was a multiple orgasmer. 
Then she said it was my turn and just told me to get on hands and knees.   I was nervous because I am not into any domination or smacking or any of those but I trusted her.  I remember she started stroking my scrotum and anus, then suddenly licking, and even getting right inside with the tongue.  It was mindblowing! Then there suddenly some lubrication with oil or gel or whatever and finger,  then two… then out came a dildo.  I didn’t object because when you are so relaxed and drunk on pleasure, anything is welcome.  It went from pleasure when she was slowly pushing in my tiny butt hole to severe pain like when they pushed through like a dam.  But she pulled it out quickly and told me ‘now you are no longer a virgin’, she put it back in slowly, and my eyes rolled into my head with the most incredible pleasure and no pain, it was really crazy.  I had just discovered prostate massage… the deep kind. I don’t know how long this took I just remember I had no control over the sounds that came from me and it was never enough. 
My dick wasn’t hard for some reason, just semi hard, but I was definitely enjoying what was going on.  I don’t know how long she was doing this but suddenly I remember her hair between my legs, and then there was her head and she said ‘hola’ and ‘let’s fix this’.  And she basically starting giving me a blowjob while I’m on my hands and knees, her head between my legs, her one hand working on a dildo in my ass, and the other assisting my dick in her mouth.  It was probably 2 minutes of this and I exploded, and she kept sucking every drop.  Then I rolled over, she sat up and then spat out down her chin and between her breasts and she used on her nipples and to masturbate with it for about 15 seconds and came again.  It was unreal.   
We spent another 5 or 10 minutes just chatting and complimenting each other and I got dressed and left.  The whole experience was around 2 hours, maybe a little more or less.  She didn’t advertise for a few weeks after that and I eventually went back with my wife a few months later and never experience anything remotely similar again.  Anyway, I had to share because I was wondering if anyone has had that experience here or if there are similar services with good massage and prostate massage, bj etc?